Sarah Wu

Sarah Y. Wu is a beauty editor, copywriter, consultant and Forbes Senior Contributor with a decade of experience in the industry. After stints in L.A. and New York, she now resides in Berlin, Germany.

Sarah has leveraged her proven understanding of digital strategy to create lasting audience connections for multiple brands and publications. During her time as Teen Vogue Beauty Features Editor, she led her digital department in expanding coverage beyond product and trend stories. By telling stories that invited readers to explore forms of identity through the lens of beauty, she significantly grew the vertical’s traffic and time-spent metrics. As a copywriter and consultant, she has worked with clients to provide editorial creative direction, refine brand DNA and build consumer engagement.

For all business inquiries, use the contact form here. Sarah is available for freelance long- and short-term projects. Need more details? Click through for a full list of services.

(Photo: Alicia Kassebohm)